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Hope found her eyes drifting over his suit- the tight black complimenting his strong presence. She shivered, again- although she wasn’t sure why. ‘What did you win today, Hope?’ ‘How do you know-‘ ‘Answer my question, please,’ the boy ordered. ‘…perfect attendance. To sermons.’ She crossed her legs, swaying in place. Confused and concerned, as cars continued to disappear. ‘…which, when I heard it announced, made me fear you weren’t living life to the fullest. So I’m here-‘ he whispered, leaning close to her ear- his breath titillating her flesh. ‘-to give you what you want.’ She didn’t respond- her breathing getting faster. More frantic. But she couldn’t move. ‘Because after I heard your ‘award’ announced, I sat behind you- curious. And to my immense surprise, the pure little girl, with her white widdle dress, gave off a faint smell of arousal…’ Hope froze- her heart ripping from her chest. She felt her thin, satin boy-shorts- smooth against her sex’s lips- grind over her slit.. A few minutes later, they heard the shower start. Sam tiptoed to her bedroom door and listened. Even over the streaming water, she could hear Tracy crying.Tracy stood in the shower until the hot water turned cold and forced her out. Sam backed away from the bedroom door as she came out. Tracy went to a dresser and pulled out a nightshirt. She slipped it over her shoulders and crawled into bed, curling up into a fetal ball. She buried her head in her pillow and even though her sobs were muffled, they were still clearly detectable. At last, she fell into a troubled sleep. Sam backed further away from the door and tiptoed down the hallway to rejoin Chuck."She's asleep at last," she whispered to him.Chuck's phone buzzed. He removed it from its belt case and flipped it open, answering it before the second buzz."With pleasure. See you in a few hours babe," he finished. He broke the connection and placed the phone back in its case."That was Roxy. They're all safe and are heading home. They.
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