Huhbby Pees On Dirty Talking Wife, She Says ” Kitna Mootega Behen Ke Laude”

It's my favorite too, and agood way to begin...." He kissed my neck again tenderly with wet lips,sending a shiver through me, turning me on so much...I was scared andjust now feeling totally put together after my little, um, breakdown,god I was horny and desperate...I wished so so much that my damn panicattack had never happened....but it did, and he walked me throughit....he brought me back...ohh Daddy what a man I thought...I'm nothingin his arms, and maybe I can be everything too....I was still holding out the flogger in both hands with him behind whenhe continued. "But you have to earn it, bitch. It's a privilege for acunt like you." I felt his strong hands moving to my neck..seeming towrap one around my tall black vinyl collar, and I suddenly heard aclick...then a pulled me around to him.Daddy had attached a long thin pink leather leash to the D-ring in thefront of my clitty was throbbing in my cage, over and overtrying to get hard. He had grey hair and a grey beard, and warm blue eyes. With a curious but kind look on his face his eyes wandered over April. ‘Good.’ He said. ‘Very good.’ He closed the door behind him and walked over to the desk. He got a yellow folder out and opened it. Then he started to recant Aprils history. ‘I know.’ April said disinterested. ‘I know who I am, no need to tell me.’ ‘I just need to be sure my information is correct.’ He said while he kept on reading from the file. April nodded. ‘Very good, very good,’ he said when he was finally done and he slammed the folder shut. ‘So you’ll qualify. You’re exactly the type of girl we’re looking for.’ ‘I qualify for what?’ April said ‘We have a special program. It’s intended for girls like you. You’re not a criminal. You aren’t actually a bad person. It is my believe that you’re deep down a very good girl, but there just lacked some love and parental guiding in your upbringing.’ April shrugged. She thought about the orphanage,.
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