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They had been watching the robbers activities for a while now when a very loud noise caught the detectives attention. Charlie bumped George's elbow and he said "George did you hear that?" George looked at Charlie and he said to him "Yes Charlie I most certainly heard that one of us is going to have to go down this hill and find out what that noise was and I'm going to go. So George started down the hill Charlie looked back over his shoulder and he said quietly "Good Luck George you will need it." George turned back looked at his friend and he said "Thanks Charlie I will be back as soon as I can".So with his S&W Model 10 in his hand he crawled as close as possible to their hideout and he observed their activities for a little while. When he had finished gathering enough intelligence he crawled back to the detective partner Charlie with all of the intelligence that he was able to gather. Charlie looked at George and he asked "George what where you able to find out?" George swallowed. After thinking for several minutes, he responded, “I don’t want our son to feel that he is different or not normal in any way. With that in mind, it may be best for him not to know, at least until he is old enough to fully understand why we kept it from him. Even then, we would want to ask ourselves if he would want us to tell him after all this time or not. Does that make sense?”Smiling, she replied, “Completely. Our primary duties are to his growth and development, and our life circumstances should be separate from that. It shouldn’t matter that he is born of a human and a genie, as long as he is raised with the love, care, and discipline he needs.”“Exactly. Plus, if he were to know that his mom has magical powers, it could turn into a constant battle to ward off his desire to have those powers used for him. That would defeat the whole purpose of raising him to believe that he is just like every child that he goes to school with.”Pleased with themselves and how easily they.
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