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. as I was saying this facility is slightly different from what one might call an ‘ordinary’ nudist resort or camp. It is what we call a Transitional Facility and is one of many others dotted across the country. A Transitional Facility is aimed at giving non-nudist groups of various descriptions the opportunity to experience the nudist lifestyle in a fun and non-threatening environment. The hope is that this experience of the nudist lifestyle might help these groups to transition into the lifestyle themselves or at least just come to appreciate it a bit more. Hopefully, they might, as a result come to feel less threatened by nudists and just nudity itself as the practice becomes more and more wide spread within our communities. And it is not just religious groups that find themselves feeling threatened by this ever growing lifestyle. Lots of secular youth groups and sporting bodies have also felt the need to use facilities like this to help their members better acquaint themselves. I head back to my room and I see that sister was sleeping on my side of the bed.“Didi mera side hai woh. Tum idhar sojao.” Didi sone ka acting karri thi. Mein uska haath pakadke kheechta hu lekin woh nahi hatt rahi thi. Maine dekha ki woh bed ke ek koni ko pakadke soyi hai. Mein bed pe chada aur uske keechne laga aur woh jaag gayi aur mujhse ladne lagi aur ladte ladte uska pair mere lund pe ragad gaya. Ek do baar ragadne ke baad usne poocha.“Yeh Kya hai?” Kyu ki maine underwear nahi pehni aur mera lund 8 inch ka tha aur shorts mein acha dikh raha tha.“Kuch nahi. Mujhe sona hai.”“Tum isiliye uthe they? Toh isko sambhala kyu nahi?” Main kuch nahi bola.Woh hasne lagi aur boli “Bathroom khali nahi thi?”Maine Ha kaha aur sar neeche kar liye aur kaha tum sojao abhi.Main mere jagah pe aajata hu aur sone ki koshish karta hu. Lekin mujhe neend nahi aari thi. Kyu ki mere dimag mein sex chada hua tha. Mujhe udhar idar ghumte hue dekh didi boli.“Tum usko sambhal lo na.” Maine kuch nahi bola.“Tum.
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