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The lady of the house would be out but the back door would be open. It was. I did. And crept up to the bedroom, trembling, shaking with – fear .. anticipation, and… Her drawers were a gold mine — panties, stockings, suspender belts, roll-ons, bras, all neatly pressed and folded. I was too nervous to do much more than look but my cock had to come out and i had to smell them, had to touch the brassiere to my aching prick, rub the bulging head of it inside the sweet scented cup so that when she put it on her nipple would be there – right where my cock had been … But more than that. There, on the floor beside the bed, just lying there, her simple white cotton pants – her DIRTY white cotton pants. I was trembling when I picked them up – held them out in front of me – opened them up — to see the the thick yellow stain in the gusset – Mrs Coppin’s cunt perfectly outlined, and I sucked Mrs Coppin’s cunt smell in to me – and I touched my tongue to it, tentatively at first then taking it,. "Hold him there, Belle, I got an idea." Kaylee smirked as she skipped over towards me.Belle let me shift myself around so that I was now on my back, then she sat down even harder on me making sure that she had my arms trapped to my sides between her thick thighs. I could feel her heavy bubble-butt pressing hard down onto my chest under her school skirt. My cheeks burned red in embarrassment at being so easily pinned down by a girl.Kaylee stood over my head, giving me a good look up under her skirt. She was clearly wearing a very small thong. Being so inexperienced with girls back then though I was very nervous and tried to not look, but I couldn't help but peak."You like what you see, you little perv?" She gleefully smirked."W-What? I dunno what you- I mean I didn't- I don't- um..." I nervously gibbered, only adding even more to my embarrassment."I thought so, you digusting peep!" She laughed."Why don't you give him a closer look, Kay?" The sporty girl said with a big grin, watching.
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