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"Please, I am very sorry..." Sshhh! Hush now my precious, everything is fine. You just need to suffer your punishment like a good sub." He strokes your face tenderly before continuing in a demanding voice."Now put it on and show us how well it fits."Slowly you put it on. Made of the highest quality Elven cotton, it fits perfectly, tight to your skin, but comfortable, showing off your figure and its curves exquisitely. "Beautiful!" Stana admires.You watch nervously as DM walks to one of the racks and picks up some small sharp shears, then walks towards you"Master!?" You exclaim in alarm.The DM doesn't say anything as he runs his hand over your chest, finding a nipple and tweaking hard, pulling the material away from your body before cutting a hole to reveal the tip of your breast. You look shamefaced. DM repeats the procedure on the other sideHe leads you over to the corner where felicity is sleeping and attaches your leash to the wall. felicty was given a blanket for being a good. Kate’s belly spilled between her legs as her hand rubbed her thickening fat thighs, before moving to rub her wet pussy.“Ohhh..gods!” Kate moaned, laying back and knocked over hers, and her neighbors’ fence, her fingers working her clit. Her belly sat heavy and large, spherical as it grew bigger on her, while her breasts crawled along her sides as they widened and swelled. Her nipples, erect, pulsed slightly as milk leaked out. Her ass pushed her higher off the ground, her arms getting heavy from the fat and her thighs hanging to touch the ground. Even as Kate spread her legs further, she felt her thighs touched and she started to shake.Cracks and crashes could be heard, though she paid them no mind, as her body grew over her house..and 4 neighbors’ houses. Her feet knocked over a truck with a toe, pushing down the street. The ground shook, and Kate still swelled fatter and bigger. Her belly, though swollen large on top of her, flowed over her hand as through to trap it within her.
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