I Love You Sexy Movie

In the end, I didn’t join but I will remember those guys fondly for the rest of my life. They were good people. Among them, I felt like I belonged. While at Bay State, I had crushes on several people. First and foremost is Lauren. A slender, bronze-skinned tomboy with dark brown hair and golden brown eyes. She was beautiful. I met her while I was walking from class, after being upset by some guy named Henry and his derogatory comments. From the moment I shook hands with Lauren, I was smitten. I liked her. Also, she was the only girl I felt comfortable with. Talking to her was easy. I don’t know why. I would talk to her often. There were other pretty girls on campus but Lauren was the one I liked. She was pretty, she liked sports and she seemed to be just one of the guys wherever she went. I liked that in a woman. Before I knew it, I had fallen in love with her. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. Lauren had a boyfriend. In the end, I had to acknowledge that it simply wasn’t meant. "Don't want to seem creepy, that will ruin my chances. Oh god that was probably creepy, it's over. I'll spend the festival alone." I panic.Before my train of though finish I notice she's standing over me. "Hey, are you going to the festival too? I'm Jenny by the way. We'd like a man we know so we don't get harassed at the camping area. Why don't you sit next to us and we can plan where we'll raise our tents together", she smirks. "Yeah..." is all I'm able to respond with."Seems like you already raised your tent, hihihi", she looks at my groin. SHE KNOWS. "I'll give you a minute to calm down then you can sit next to me, there's an empty seat". After that she turns around and finds her seat again, looking back with that smirk.While I wait for my obvious boner to cool off there's a bit of turbulence. Then a bit more. It's normal, "turbulence happens on airplanes" I think to yourself. This distraction is just what I needed too, I get up and start making my way to her, there's another big.
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