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I've kept the family a secret from theworld up until now because it's in the world's interest to do so, andif we are all released in a reasonable amount of time that willcontinue. I'll accept the months and the bracelets, but not that. Youkidnapped us, and I won't be your slave labor just because translatingthe Atlantean documents yourself is inconvenient, and if you harm meor my kids, the team will find out about it sooner or later and thenthere'll be a hot time in Georgia! "He regarded me with narrowed eyes; then shrugged. "Very well, I won'tinsist on it. We have the expertise inside the family." He turnedabruptly on his heel, and left with David trailing just behind,leaving me alone with Diana.My heart did its best to pound its way through my rib cage, but Istood easy, pretending that mortal threats and counter threats werejust a normal part of a day in the life of one Charlene, mother oftwo.My ex wasn't so detached. Diana put her hand on her hips and leanedforward into my face.. Twenty minutes later they arrived, breathless from their rapid pace to get there, but there nonetheless. Betty rang the doorbell and was soon curtly received by Smithers, the Lodge's butler."Good morning Miss Betty. Miss Midge," he greeted them stiffly."Good morning Smithers. Mr. Lodge is expecting us," Betty explained her presence."Yes Miss Cooper. He advised me to let you know that he would be waiting for you at the kennel complex," he was telling them. "I believe you know where they are located." Yes, thank you Smithers," Betty smiled back at him.Betty and Midge went around the Mansion and headed towards the kennels/stable building in the horizon. Smithers closing the front doors as they left."What a delightful young lady that Betty is," Smithers said to no one in particular and returned to his other duties.It took them a good five minutes at a brisk pace to finally reach the kennels. There at the doorway, they could see Mr. Lodge awaiting their arrival. They noticed that he was.
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