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He was holding a pair of slender wooden swords, his arms spread wide and with a big grin on his face. The way the stranger's voice rolled smoothly off his tongue reminded Arya of a Braavosi. He circled around the room, prowling, watching her."Tomorrow you will be here right after you break your fast." Arya glanced at Needle, laying on her table, before darting her eyes back to him, "Who are you?"One of the wooden swords soared through the air and slipped through Arya's reflexively outreaching fingers. Frustration peaked in her mind at her failure. The stranger's voice was soothing, and supportive, "I am your dancing master, little girl. Tomorrow, you will catch it. Pick it up."Scooping the sword into her hands, she thought about complaining about the weight - it was far heavier than Needle - but kept the voice to herself. Instead she scowled at him and said, "I'm not a little girl." Woman, little girl," Syrio Forel lewdly counters, "You are a sword, a cunt, tits, an ass, a mouth, and. Bobby was ecstatic. His cock was threatening to burst out of his pants. He managed to pull April’s sweater up and pushed her bra off her breasts. Then his hands moved onto her bared breasts and he felt her rigid nipples pressing against his palms. He bent his head and, as he massaged her breasts with his hands, he began kissing her chest, too. When Bobby’s lips began traveling over the soft skin of her upper chest, April moaned exultantly. The thrills she was experiencing increased markedly when his lips ventured up the slope of a firm globe to a swollen, straining tip and he sucked the nubbin of flesh into his mouth. ‘Oooooohhhhhh!!!!! Yessssss!!!!’ she groaned. Her vagina grew wet and her hips began to move as Bobby paid oral homage to one lovely breast then the other. Bobby paused to finish removing April’s sweater and bra, then he returned to caressing and kissing as much of her as he could. His hands explored her magnificent body, gliding lightly over her smooth, warm flesh.
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