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“Liar,” he said, smiling. “You’re still into me aren’t you?” She tried to laugh but it came out more like a choking sound. “No!” Could he see it on her face? She’d always tried to keep it her own little secret. Not even her closest friends knew the depth of her feelings for him. He tugged her closer. “You can tell me the truth. I won’t make a big deal out of it.” “It’s been six years. How sad would it make me if I’d been carrying a torch for you all this time?” “Hmm. Maybe it would make you dedicated…or romantic. I don’t know these things, I’m a guy.” “Don’t worry; I’m well aware of that fact.” Ruby forced herself to look him straight in the eyes. “I’ve moved on, okay. It was just a silly crush.” “You sure?” His words sounded casual but she heard an underlying tone there that she’d never noticed before. “Uh huh.” Their gazes meshed. Her breaths came hard. It gave her a small sense of satisfaction to see that for whatever reason he appeared to be struggling, too. He’d pulled. ”So saying, she reached to the side, unzipped her skirt and let it fall before stepping from her knickers. Her pussy was almost completely shaved apart from a thin strip of pubic hair just above the central cleft and the outer lips were shiny with moisture. She motioned for me to kneel down in front of her and as she stepped towards me I smelled the most amazing mix of her sensual perfume and her arousal, the sweet, musky smell of pussy juice, just starting to dribble.She spread her legs and bent her knees slightly, allowing her pussy lips to open up like the petals of a flower. I shuffled closer to her on my knees and inhaled the heavenly scent of her juices. She rested her hands on the back of my head and with gentle pressure urged me to lick at her open pussy. She tasted divine and, as I plunged deeper, she moaned, pulling me tighter against her tender flesh, guiding my tongue towards her clitoris. I licked harder, tasting her juices as they flooded my mouth, smearing them across.
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