‘Rati’ Fucked Like A Bitch By Hubby

. ) and I felt welcomed to the neighborhood in a way.At least that is, until the bulky odd shaped bat started to fly directly at me. If I had still held a club, I would have swatted it from the air, but since I had an air-pistol in my hand instead, I shot it. It exploded in a sizeable fireball, the damned flying rat had been mined! Keeping my eyes open for more too bulky shapes in the murky evening light, I got myself away from there, the borderlands.With the succeeding generations of muddies, born to the Age of Aquarians and not knowing of how the world was before Magic had arrived and distorted and fractured reality, the local demesne would be their world and crossing to another would be entering a different realm. At least I had reference to the roots of the realities from having lived in the world before.As I was crossing a clearing a shadow crossed the moon. I crouched down defensively as I looked up to see the silhouette of a sailing ship with a wooden rung rope ladder dangling. He warned me that there would be nothing for me to do except stay in the house trailer and wait for him to come home from work. We both knew me well enough to know I couldn't do that so off he went leaving me to my own devices for a year.Bob was overjoyed to hear it and so were Abby and Patty. "We are going to have so much fun" Abby said and we did. I introduced Abby to Patty and they took to each other and soon were out partying together and when Stan left they asked me to join them.Between Bob's customers, Ralph and Bruce (yes, I was back to doing them on a regular basis) and going out with Patty and Abby I was getting all the meat that my cock loving self could handle. I had some pretty wild nights with Patty and Abby. Abby had kept in touch with some of the guys who we had taken on at frat parties and occasionally she would set up a 'reunion' of sorts and Patty, Abby and I would be the centerpieces in gangbangs of as many as twenty-five guys.There was one really memorable time.
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