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I am not so good at talking with girls because I am scared or nervous when I see them. When I was in class 11(I was aged 19 at that time cause I joined the school lately) i used to bunk the classes and either go to cinema or just roam in a bazaar as my school is near a famous bazaar. This was found out by my parent so I was sent to a co-educational hostel.In that hostel first I never used to speak with girls but I used to see their boobs and asses when they bend or crouch. And I would masturbate thinking that. In that two girls Anitha and Preeti. both were best friends but I for me if we were in a bed it would win an have award for 3some sex cause they both were very sexual because I have heard from other boys that they both are lesbians they felt disgusted when they told but I felt hard when I heard them. They both were having the most bests in the girl’s hostel.Preeti was having the largest boobs and ass but she was not very good looking. Anitha is one of the prettiest girls in the. So they were both a little late. No big deal. He would deal with them. Now how could he work it. How should he work it. Hmmm. Do them one at a time, or somehow figure a way to have them both at once. For Tim Jones it was a foregone conclusion that after this episode of tardiness his cock would definitely be inside them both, and that thought brought a smile to his face. Yes it was good to be the Tim. Monica dragged herself out of bed and dragged herself through the shower and dragged herself to work. Late. Again. She felt exhausted and giggled to herself at the reason why. She had spent the last two nights masturbating. Rubbing herself into a frenzy, over thoughts of Jenna mostly. Jenna with the lush breasts. Jenna the flirt. Jenna the tease. Jenna the whore. Just thinking about her now made Monica quiver. She had never felt this way about anyone in her life before, much less a girl. Maybe she could get some rest tonight, but unless Jenna took the day off work that wasn’t really an.
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