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Hailey welcomed him with a fierce hug whilst Ruth stood morosely to one side, anxious to learn of any developments. As Kathy disappeared into the kitchen, Karl sat both girls down on the sofa and relayed a sanitized version of what the police had told him earlier that morning."Is ... Is she dead?" Hailey sobbed."We don't know that," Karl soothed, wishing he felt the same confidence that he forced into his voice. "She may have just had an accident." But ... But..." The police are still searching. We have to hold out hope." But if she's still alive, why doesn't she get in touch with us?" Hailey asked, completing the thought of a moment ago."She might be lost or injured. Maybe she hurt her head and is having trouble remembering," he suggested with increasing desperation.Kathy wandered in from the kitchen."I've put some things in the oven from out of the freezer," she announced."Kathy, you've done more than I could ever expect," Karl praised. "I don't know how to thank you." I think. Five thousand in dollars, and God alone knew how much in pesos and colons."Because I don't know if they take Visa," Lenore laughed. "El Salvador ... if you go, bring your Visa card, and bring plenty of cash, 'cause they don't take American Express."Kevin thought Lenore was losing it. "What are we going to buy, Lenore?"She straightened up and looked him right in the eye. "Twenty-five thousand liters of diesel, sir. The local supplier of diesel for the tuna fishermen ran out about seven years ago, and the FMLN strong-armed out of him his stash of money to replace it over the next few months. Since then, there's never been enough fishermen with enough money and the will to wait for a delivery. I walked in, asking for six thousand liters, and he wants to saint me and rename his grandchildren after us. He's sure the local fishermen will let us hide the Joy Redux in their fleet, since they won't have to go a hundred nautical miles each way out of their way to get refueled. From there it's.
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