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We’re going to have so much fun. I can’t wait for us to be able to really make love. I really want to do it with you Larry.”After Larry went home, I looked for my mom. I was still naked. “How come you’re still naked, Beth,” Mom asked? “After yesterday’s discussion and then you catching Larry and I naked, it seemed like I might as well keep it going. I’d rather not have to get dressed unless you tell me I have to. Even if you and dad don’t join me, I’d like to stay naked. What did you think of Larry,” I asked my mom?“I thought he was going to bolt out the door when I walked into the room. He was clearly embarrassed. He does have a nice dick for a boy his age. It’ll probably still grow some but it is about an average size for a grown man so not bad at all for his age. It’s certainly big enough to give a woman plenty of pleasure. Does he still want to be your boyfriend after that?”“Yeah, Mom,” I replied. “I told him it was kind of a test to see if he was all in for our. In the last week before the judgement, he told her that she wasn’t to be early. He would only let her in at 8:00 AM. She was to come in, disrobe, and start her routine when she was ready. Josette spent all of her spare hours practicing. She wanted to nail the routine. At night, her thoughts always got the best of her. Part of her thought she was crazy for the things he made her do. Part of her wanted him to do more to her. The day of the judgement came and she hung around outside of the gym until 8:00 AM sharp. She knocked on the door and it opened for her a few moments later. The gym was dark with all of the ceiling lights turned off. A number of spotlights illuminated the middle of the room where the floor mat was. She undressed, closed her eyes and did a slow count to ten to steady herself, then started the music and her routine. Nervous at first, she quickly lost herself in the movements and music. She had practiced this so much that she went through it without a second thought.
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