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Our lives are on the line, Livia, this is not a suggestion. Understood?"Livia was absolutely enraged and would have shouted at her under normal circumstances, but a strange pressure made her revisit these thoughts and more malleable to the idea. Her stupid body was already wet to the idea of offering her lips to the first guy in heat, a gift from her class she guessed, but it was more than this. Being legally contracted to her - under a death collateral - the princess had little freedom in the matter and nodded, albeit reluctantly.The Guildmistress lead her out of her office, and as Livia passed through the door, Rhea smiled and gave her last words of the day."Oh and by the way, the same order applies to animals. Have fun, and bon appétit!"And with a loud slam she cut all forms of contest, leaving a cursed woman with a box in her hands, walking mechanically towards her room.---------------The former Director of HR was doubly cursed, like a whole chicken impaled throughout, or more. I sat there watching him pull on my leg, babbling that I was his savior. Close behind was a group of kids. None of them looked older than 19 or 20. I could tell that they were in bad shape. Hanging onto each other. Several of them were weeping.Using my best command voice, I called out, “alright, I’m here. And we’re going to get you to safety as quickly as possible. Show me your camp, and we’ll start getting loaded up.When we got to their camp, I wasn’t surprised. They didn’t have a thing they needed. There were two tents, thin nylon. Not even waterproof. As they were packing up, I saw that they were using lightweight summer sleeping bags. One of the boys didn’t even have that. He was making due with a couple of wool blankets, which were soaking wet from laying on the ground. They did have a fire, but I could tell that they might have had half a day’s wood available. And there didn’t look to be anything dry in the area.Their clothes were inadequate too. Ski pants and down-filled.
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