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.. Ah... Carmen I..." Has it anything to do with what can be termed as a matter of my heart as well?" Carmen interrupted him."It has." Then Felipe please," said Carmen in as compassionate a voice as she could administer, "Save me the trouble of refusing, and yourself the pain of a refusal, by holding your tongue... there are things I must accomplish before I am free to follow my own hearts path. Please try to understand Felipe. It has nothing to do with you. You are a very caring and thoughtful man," then she took both his hands into hers before continuing, "You are courageous, true, and without doubt not bad to look upon, it is just that... even had I made up my mind on the subject, which I have not, I could not give my heart to any one at such a time as this, not knowing what demands will be made upon me as Captain of the Maidens Revenge."Felipe colored and was about to turn away in embarrassment, but, repressing that feeling, he advanced a step with what he hoped was a positive. I told Denise that I had to go out on business and would likely be some time. She said, “Yes Master” and looked up at me… trusting, a stab of guilt, almost had me change my plans. I found Alice’s apartment block easily, being in the fashionable part, in centre of town. The concierge opened the door for me as if I were expected, and directed me to the lift. She was waiting for me as I stepped out of the lift. Her plain, figure hugging red dress was framed in the entrance door of her apartment. She had let her hair down, the light from behind gave her a halo effect and also a shadowy outline between her legs as it weakly leached through the fabric. My assumption was correct, dinner wasn’t really the offer. As soon as the door clicked shut, we tore at each others clothing like children with Christmas presents. Before more than a few minutes had passed, we were completely naked, on top of her bed, mouths stuck together, while hands searched and tried to gain as much information.
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