The two got along well and saw each other as often as Nicole's schedule allowed.Until she began dating a young man who didn't like that she spent so much time away from him. Gabriela worried about their relationship, but her daughter seemed happy. He convinced her to drop out of school right about when they announced their engagement.The early December wedding was less than two months away when he took off with a coworker. Left in shock, Nicole had to deal with cancelling all the plans. Gabriela helped as much as she could while she longed to take the pain away from her daughter.Christmas that year wasn't the best for them. They shopped for one of their favorite charities and dropped off the gifts. Dinner was quiet but they did their best. Both promised to make the next year better. Neither knew how but they could hope.Gabriela went to a New Year's Eve party with a girl friend. They decided it was time to have a good time. She tried. She really did, but went home disappointed and. ----------------------“Tonight I’m ready.” With that exclamation, she reached back and spread her cheeks.“I so want this. Just please go slow.”Camille continued short, deep fucks on the suctioned cock as I shed the last of my clothes. When nude, I joined her on the table, straddling it behind her and sitting close enough that my thighs paralleled hers. My hips pressed against her ass. Every inch of my arousal nestled between her cheeks.My hands and lips roamed her back. It was my turn to tease and taunt a little. But not for long. She wanted me and, God knows, I’d been on edge for far too long this evening.I lifted, leaned over her, and poised the head of my cock against her tight, wet entrance. Leaning over with my hands bracing me on the table beside her, I pushed my hips slightly as I kissed her neck.Camille gasped at the first hint of entry.I froze.“Don’t stop,” she half moaned and half whispered.Another incremental push was met with a moan. Then she pushed back.Another push.
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