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"Self-consciously, Kirk drew back with a tightness in her throat. "How did you persuade Janet?" I spun the tale, Lass, I spun the tale."The next day, as a routine precaution, Cartwright and Finnigan gave Kirk the password *he* should utter when he was back in his own body.The switched was pulled, and the machine glowed.Kirk's male body grinned with delight. "Boskone!" he said quickly. "It's great to have my own body back!" Welcome back, Jim!" laughed Cartwright, slapping him on the back."T'is a shame - ye were such a lovely lass!" grinned Finnigan.Janet Lester's female body screamed. "Finnigan, you son of a bitch, you betrayed me!" Sorry, lassie, but I owed it to my old shipmate Jimmy to get him his body back."Lester went into hysterics and started screaming, "Wait! You don't understand! I'm still James Kirk! I am James Kirk! I am James Kirk!"Cartwright smiled. "Poor woman!"Kirk grinned, "Reminds me of the time when we were together at a council meeting, and the female representative. As he approached his willy was wilted and she held it as he emptied his accumulation. They laughed and kissed. “I’m cured!” joked Roger.Miriam returned the laugh, “Most fun I’ve ever had doing therapy.”Roger came right back, since they’d discussed her seeking a direction for her life, “Maybe this is what you need to do from now on. I’d bet you’d have all the clients you could handle.”She looked at him seriously, “You might be right, all kidding aside.” His pecker refilled at the implications but she insisted they get to work on breakfast. “Got to have energy for this kind of therapy. Burns lots of calories.”During her counseling training the subject of sexual surrogacy had been briefly covered but without any “clinical” practice. She realized that she’d just done some with Roger. Veerry interesting!Roger’s background and skill set included professional practice management and promotion. This endeavor would be just that, certainly not a typical religious one such as she was used to..
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