Some Billy Mays wannabe rambled on about tins that make tortillas into taco bowls and I slowly drifted off back to sleep. I never heard the glass shatter on the back door, or the footsteps on the hardwood floor as they made their way over to me. Suddenly, I couldnt breathe and I woke up trying to gasp for air. I tasted leather before I even realized what was happening, but found I couldnt scream. The strong hang clamped my mouth shut and blocked my nostrils. Struggling, I tried to take a breath as I fought against whoever it was covering my mouth. The hand slid down slightly, still keeping my mouth covered, and I was finally able to breathe. I inhaled deeply through my nose and tried to get my bearings. The TV had been shut off, but the night light in the adjoining hallway gave off enough illumination for me to make out a tall, manly figure dressed completely in black standing over me. He leaned down close, his breath sending chills down my spine when he spoke. You try to scream,. Dan followed also, looking puzzled but not apprehensive as they headed for the door to the restaurant.Jenny had already gotten a booth, and sat on one side, all the way to the window, her lips pressed into a thin line, eyes tracking both of them. Kelly sat by her sister, and Dan sat across the table from them. “Everything okay, Jenny?”“No.” Flat and without any inflection, with hard edges and an unforgiving ring to the syllable. Kelly’s heart fluttered, and Dan licked his lips, then decided not to speak. Jenny waved the waitress away without looking at her.“I came home early, and pulled the laundry out of the wash. Yours, Dan. They’re drying now, should be done when we get home.” She turned to her younger sister, who fought not to shrink from her gaze. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Kelly thought. She knows something, found a drop of cum somewhere, but we were so careful, I was just borrowing him, and it was okay just to borrow him. She fought back tears. Jenny hated her now, she felt with the.
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