That’s okay isn’t it?’ Lilly smiled. Justin was Kat’s crush, her first. Lilly bit the inside of her cheek again, this time to keep from getting sentimental, as she nodded at her daughter. Kat, in turn, gave both of her parents a big hug before turning to join her gang of friends. ‘That one is definitely yours.’ Dylan remarked from behind her, amusement lacing every word. Lilly turned to find him with a huge grin on his luscious lips. ‘And what exactly is that supposed to mean, Mr. Dawson?’ She crossed her arms under her breast and tapped a sandal against the cement. With a grin still on his face, Dylan wrapped an arm around Lilly’s waist and pulled her against him. He kissed the tip of her nose. ‘Sweetheart, if any of our children have your tenacity when it comes to getting what they want, it’s Katrina. She already has Justin eating out of the palm of her hand. God help us in three or four years.’ Lilly placed her palms against his chest and smiled up at him. She couldn’t help it.. ? Why not one of the women of your tribe...?Josh: because you are so beautiful, and you are not of this land so you don't have an agenda about trying to take the power from me. i would protect you and make love to you every night! *i start speeding up my fingers, sliding them in and out quickly as i move my mouth to your nipples as i kiss them and suck on them*Lydia: Y-You can get in the tub with me if you want... s-so you can do what you want more easily...Josh: *i stand up and remove my hand, i step into the tub with you, and lay across you i lean forward and kiss your lips as my left hand goes to your tits and my right hand goes to you ass, squeezing and massaging as my 13y/o begins to stiffen at half erection my cock is 13 inches and sways in the warms water between out bodies*Lydia: You're amazing... My boyfriend couldn't make me feel half as good as you are right now... And you care for me so much more than he does even though you've only met me a few hours ago...Josh: its.
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