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‘Can you manage?’ ‘I think so.’ Emma swung her legs out of bed, and painfully staggered across the room, through the door and into a well-appointed bathroom. Refreshed, she returned to the bedroom. The nurse had laid plates on a small table. ‘Hi. You’re managing fine. I’m Paola, by the way. I believe you had a rough time yesterday.’ ‘Yes,’ agreed Emma, ‘pretty rough. But I’ll survive.’ ‘The doctor thought a light breakfast would be best – just fruit juice, cereals, yoghurt and bread,’ explained the nurse. ‘I’ve laid it out on the table here. Slip into that robe and sit here.’ Emma did as she was told. ‘First some pills,’ continued Paola, smiling. ‘A mild pain-killer, your normal contraceptive, and a special ‘morning-after’ one – we normally use this if a patient has had several men ejaculating inside her.’ Emma swallowed them obediently. ‘Now, eat some breakfast, and then I’ll be back to wash you and dress your wounds. After that the doctor will see you again. I’m pleased to say. Our sex life is pretty good, although after 16 years, it has lost some of the spark that it had in the beginning. Bill sees to it that I have an orgasm most of the time. (Sometimes I have to fake it.) His main problem is that he usually gets through too early. He will usually get me off with his finger or mouth. I am a little apprehensive about flying since I do it so rarely. I am nervous as I take my seat on the plane. I sit next to the window so that I can see the scenery go by during the flight. A nice looking man takes the isle seat next to me. He looks about 40 with greying temples, very distinguished. He is wearing a business suit and puts his brief case in the rack above our seat. After takeoff, he begins small talk and I enjoy talking with him. His name is Jim. The time passes fast. We discuss our jobs, families, and hobbies. I notice him looking at my legs and breasts. I also notice that my blouse has gaped open and he can see right down to my bra and the.
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