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Is it here because of what’s in the ice cave?”Jeff turned to Morales. “A reasonable question under the circumstances, but she has nothing to do with the booster station – as far as I know, that is. That’s my ship up there and we just call her Ship. She’s a sentient being, and she told me that she was lonesome without me,” he finished with an odd catch in his voice.Morales could hardly tear his eyes from the seeming endless acres of odd plains, abutments, angles and protrusions that shimmered above them, the whole coming together to spell alien, yet the majesty of the thing seemed somehow beautiful.“How the hell did she find us?” the General wanted to know.Selina spoke up. “I can find Earth from here...” but her voice trailed off as she thought to qualify the statement, “... with the use of the astrogator’s station to assist in navigating the dimensions,” she added. Remembering the voyage in Ship’s academy when she and Diana made their way home from another galaxy, she continued, “It. ? It was just a dream.? ?No, Dad, it was real and he wantedme.? Nikolai killed him.? ?Who wanted you?? ?Michael.? ?Think very carefully.? Did you see Nikolai kill him?? She shook her head again and herfather rubbed her back. ?If you liked him, that?s a goodsign.? Later, when you?re feeling up toit, I want you to show us your dream.?Okay?? ?Us? meant her father, mother, andher vampire master.? Usmeant reading her thoughts and watching her dream as if they were her,experiencing it.? Uswasn?t going to happen.? She quicklypulled out of his arms. ?I?I can?t show you that!? ?Jessica Nicole Heyes, just whatrating was this dream?? Her face reddened and her fatherraised a knowing eyebrow. ?Nikki?? ?Triple X for sure.? ?Perhaps I should kill this onemyself,? he joked and tickled Nicole. She squealed in delight and tickledhis ribs, knowing that her father would laugh and play with her.? He always made her feel safe.? Up until this moment in time, she had thoughtshe could tell him anything, but.
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